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Web News for November, 2019

Trends: (Note: Starting next month, the newest links will be on the TOP of each category.) Trends indicate the way things are moving in the Web News lately and, more generally, how things are changing in our world. ★★ Google Trends ★★ Goodreads: Best books of 2018 ★★ Goodreads: 2019 Reading Challenge ★★ Keeping e-sports clean ★★ Charity on the Internet: How to identify scammers ★★ Samsung will release a smartphone next year with the camera built under the display ★★ What is Augmented Reality (AR)
News Pages: News fm around the world in Audio, Video, or Printed Form is provided by the links shown. Audio: ★★ Kim's Podcasts ★★ NPR Radio ★★ BBC Radio
Video: ★★ BBC World News      AP reports on fake news in Not-Real News ★★ Eflip - news sites on the web ★★ The Tico Times: Latest News & Historical

Printed News Sources: ★★ General Info ★★ 1 World Nations Online ★★ al Jazeera ★★ AP ★★ BBC ★★ Christian Science Monitor ★★ The CostaRican Times ★★ The Daily Mail (UK) ★★ Dallas News ★★ Escazu News ★★ FtW Star-Telegram ★★ Google News ★★ Japan Times ★★ The Jerusalem Post ★★ MSNBC ★★ New York Times ★★ New York Times: The Daily ★★ npr ★★ The Palestine Chronicle ★★ Pew Research ★★ Reuters ★★ UK Telegraph ★★ USA Today ★★ Wall St Journal ★★ Wikinews ★★ Zero Hedge

Historical News: ★★ The history of English ★★ Famous last words ★★ October in history ★★ 8 million horses were killed in World War I

Rest In Peace: Famous people & friends who have died this year. ★★ Julie Adams ★★ Fatima Ali ★★ Jo Andres ★★ Carmen Argenziano ★★ Russell Baker ★★ Kaye Ballard ★★ Kevin Barnett ★★ Verna Bloom ★★ John Tyler Bonner ★★ Joseph Brennan, PC Club member ★★ Cadet ★★ Carol Channing ★★ Rep. John Dingell ★★ Juanjo Domínguez ★★ Daryl Dragon ★★ Dr. Robert Durnin, PC Club member ★★ Bob Einstein ★★ Albert Finney ★★ Peter Fonda ★★ Cremilda Gil ★★ Abdurehim Heyit ★★ James Ingram ★★ Herb Kelleher ★★ Chris Kraft ★★ Mable Lee ★★ Michel Legrand ★★ Shelley Lubben ★★ Dr. William Lukensmeyer, PC Club member ★★ Tony Mendez ★★ Dick Miller ★★ Ron Miller ★★ Louisa Moritz ★★ Walter Munk ★★ Gene Okerlund ★★ Mary Oliver ★★ Wolfgang Rindler ★★ Frank Robinson ★★ Robert Ryman ★★ Kristoff St. John ★★ Joseph Sirola ★★ Bart Starr ★★ Doc Thompson ★★ Tomi Ungerer ★★ Andy Vajna ★★ Jan-Michael Vincent ★★ Patricia Nell Warren ★★ Guy Webster ★★ Phil Western ★★ Edward Zigler

News items concerning topics of interest; in this case about computer hardware or software.Computer News: ★★ c|net news ★★ COMPUTERWORLD ★★ PCWorld ★★ PCMag ★★ techradar ★★ ComputerWeekly ★★ List of computer magazines ★★ This supercomputer will perform 1018 operations per second

New products, research, or developments in Electronics Electronics News: ★★ Electronics reviews from Consumer Reports ★★ Qualcomm launches $200m 5G Investment Fund

Things or ideas for your house, your car, your pets, or even your pocketHousehold News: ★★ Household Hacker ★★ Futuristic Phone Gadgets

Scientific discoveries, research results, new tech, how our world works; new products & techniques that may be on the way Science News: ★★ Science News ★★ ScienceDaily ★★ When plants cry out for help, their neighbors start screaming, too ★★ These clothes fight workout stink ★★ Popular Science: Techathlon podcast ★★ Pooping magic rocks, how we ruined bison, & lies you've been told about the common cold

Articles about matters involving courts, trials, law enforcement, patents, or law makers around the world. Legal Issues: ★★ Legal Issues in the News ★★ Do you need a Visa or Residency to live in Costa Rica? ★★ Labor unions sue USDA over rule that eliminates pork-processing line speeds

This is a catch-all category that includes matters such as existance, knowledge, values, reason, mind, wisdom, and language. Many entries are opinions or arguments that reflect our world. Philosophical Issues: ★★ What are the current issues in modern philosophy? ★★ Philosophizing is part of Theorizing ★★ Recent short & new books ★★ The Night Fire by Michael Connelly

Local Issues are items about Costa Rica. Local Issues: ★★ President Alvarado & frugality, thanks GG ★★ Communicating in Another Language by Helen Dunn Frame, thanks Helen ★★ Costa-Rican Spanish ★★ Retiring in Costa Rica ★★ Association of Residents of Costa Rica ★★ Finding homes for dogs, thanks Connie

These are about astronomy, findings, subspace activities, NASA, ESA, and other space agencies. Planetary Issues (and beyond): ★★ Astronomy News ★★ The sky this week ★★ WISE ★★ Internet in space: Is there Net on Mars? ★★ New Organic Compounds Found in Plumes From Saturn’s Icy Moon Enceladus ★★ SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket & human-carrying capsule Crew Dragon is preparing for an in-flight abort test. ★★ SpaceX picked to launch upcoming moon mission ★★ Planet Nine might be a black hole the size of a baseball ★★ Best telescope for the casual stargazer ★★ Why a massive black spot suddenly appeared on Jupiter ★★ Space photos of the week: Oh pioneers! ★★ NASA Mars Curiosity rover finds an 'ancient oasis' ★★ We now have a good idea when Martian oceans started dying ★★ Why NASA's annoyed about Elon Musk's giant rocket ★★ Discovery of 20 new moons gives Saturn a solar system record ★★ Saturn has 82 moons ★★ The Astrology of 2019 ★★ A 52-Foot asteroid skims Earth @ 26,000 MPH ★★ Astronauts swap out ISS batteries like it’s an old pickup truck ★★ SpaceX is now prioritizing Crew Dragon—which is great for NASA ★★ SpaceX Crew Dragon: Elon Musk responds as NASA hits 'full panic' mode ★★ Pleiades: The 7 Sisters star cluster ★★ Astronomers may have spotted strands in the ‘cosmic web’ linking galaxies ★★ How to spot the ISS w/o a telescope ★★ When, Where, & How to See the Planets in the 2019 Night Sky ★★ A 2nd interstellar visitor (Comet 2I/Borisov) has arrived in our solar system ★★ NASA’s new spacesuit that astronauts will wear to the Moon ★★ NASA considers all-female crew for Artemis moon mission ★★ Is the Milky Way galaxy much bigger than we thought?

Photos of the Month:   ★★ The Atlantic 2019:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 ★★ Foreign Policy (FP): 2018, 2019, or use the Slideshow

Items described on the WWW that aren't yet available for purchase are previewed here. Potential Products: ★★ Products from the future ★★ Kotler's 5 product levels

General articles about hardware that don't fit into any of the specific categories listed below. Hardware, General: ★★ Next-gen spoked-magnet motor ★★ Best Wi-Fi extenders of 2019 ★★ Chemistry Nobel honors world-changing batteries

Pilotless vehicles from airborne rotor-wing types to cars, robots, or submersibles Hardware, Drones: ★★ The best drones for beginners ★★ Drone Laws in CR ★★ Drone Laws in the USA ★★ The rules of owning, flying & shooting down drones in the UK ★★ Super Drones CR

Computing devices in everyday objects that receive information from the internet. Hardware, Internet of Things (IoT): ★★ What is the IoT? ★★ Data mining

Portable computers with a hinged-lid screen that would fit in your lap. Hardware, Laptops: ★★ Best laptops for 2019 ★★ HP Spectre x360 review ★★ Chromebooks vs. Windows 10 laptops: What should you buy?

A small laptop designed primarily for accessing Internet-based applications. Hardware, Netbooks: ★★ What is a Netbook? ★★ 10 best netbooks

Hardware, Ereaders:A handheld device on which electronic versions of books, magazines, etc. can be read. ★★Best E-Book Readers for 2019 ★★ Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Hardware, Desktops & Towers:Nonportable computers that usually have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and Central Processing Unit. ★★ PC Mag's best desktops & towers of 2019 ★★ TechnoBezz picks Apple iMac 21.5 inch for best desktop & Lenovo IdeaCentre 510A for best tower

General-purpose flat computers with a touchscreen & sometimes a stylus. Hardware, Tablets: ★★ c|net's best tablets for 2019 ★★ Amazon Fire Tablet family ★★ Apple iPad Pro 12.9" review: the world's greatest tablet gets truly 'pro' power
Mobile-phone-based computers have a touchscreen, operating system, internet access, and the ability to run applications.
Hardware, Smartphones: ★★ c|net's best smartphones for 2019 ★★ Samsung will release a smartphone next year with the camera built under the display. ★★ The amazing new Motorola Razr
Mobile digital watch devices with a touchscreen, usually with a connection to a smartphone.
Hardware, Smartwatches: ★★ PC Mag's best smartwatches of 2019 ★★ TechRadar's best smartwatches of 2019
Digital vision systems that can capture images, extract information, generate event descriptions, and make decisions.
Hardware, Smart Cameras: ★★ Smart home cameras for 2019 ★★ Best smartphone cameras for 2019 ★★ Samsung will release a smartphone next year with the camera built under the display.
Internet-connected,storage-aware, digital computer TVs specialized for entertainment.
Hardware, Smart TVs: ★★ Best-smart TVs for 2019 ★★ What Hi-Fi rates the best Smart TVs
Some body-borne computers, like Google Glass & EyeTaps, process input to the wearer, while others, like Fitbits & the Intel Curie, monitor the body's output.
Hardware, Wearables: ★★ Definition ★★ Google & Levi's built a new gesture-sensing smart jacket
Autos with advanced electronics and microprocessors used throughout the engine, drive train, and brakes. Some also have GPS, night vision, assisted parking, web & email access, voice control, & distance management. Some even drive themselves.
Hardware, Smart Cars: ★★ Intelligent-vehicle tech ★★ The handbook of intelligent vehicles
From PCs-on-a-stick to playing-card-deck sized computers. The most popular is the Raspberry Pi 3.
Hardware Tiny computers: ★★ The mini PC invasion ★★ Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 Tiny Form Factor Business Desktop
Immersive computer systems that generate 3D images or environments and players use special gloves to manipulate games.
Hardware, Virtual Reality (VR): ★★  A definition of VR ★★ Samsung Gear VR headset $20 w/ wide FOV
These gadgets attach to computers to amplify their usefulness (e.g., monitors, keyboards, & mice to scanners, speakers, and cameras); peripherals provide input or output.
Hardware, Peripherals: ★★ What are peripherals? ★★ 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive
Telephone, computer, or general accessories (e.g., paper, cases, tripods or other attachments).
Hardware, Accessories: ★★ What is a computer accessory? ★★ What is a gadget?
Things that go inside the computer go here, e.g., disc drives, memory boards, even SD cards.
Hardware, Internals:  ★★  A definition of 'hardware internals' for computers ★★ The crazy internals for the Motorola Razr
Computer systems that are able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence (e.g., visual perception, speech recognition, language translation, etc.)
Hardware/Software: Artificial Intelligence (AI): ★★ IBM's Jeopardy-winning AI is now ready to debate you ★★ Artificial Intelligence: A modern approach
Hardware/Software: Games (e.g., Video-game consoles from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc.); as well as software games.
Hardware/Software, Games: ★★  Best video-game consoles for 2019 ★★ Star Trek - Alien Domain: Incursion
Programs that run on the internet through a user's browser, e.g., Facebook, Netflix, Gmail, or Google Calendar
Software, In the cloud: ★★ What Is Cloud Computing? ★★ How to select multiple messages quickly in Gmail
Programs & apps that run on many OperatingSystems (e.g., Windows, Android, iOS & OS X).
Software, General Tools: ★★ Top 5 best text editors for Windows 10 ★★ Google & Apple are raving about Dashlane password manager ★★ TextMate for macOS ★★ 8 Best Notepad++ Alternative for Mac Users
Programs that present content from the WWW (e.g., Google Chrome).
Software, Browsers: ★★ Best internet browsers of 2019 ★★ How browser plugins can leak secrets
Interesting apps that run on Apple computers (under iOS or OS X).
Software, Apple, Apps: ★★  Free Apple apps ★★ Heart Analyzer's new Apple Watch app puts detailed data on your wrist ★★ How to manage your apps in iOS 13 & iPadOS 13
Operating Systems that run on Apple devices.
Software, Apple Operating Systems: ★★  OS X news ★★ iOS 11 news ★★ The most important changes in macOS Catalina to know before updating
News items about things going on at Microsoft.
Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia: ★★  Microsoft News ★★ Download Microsoft Software ★★ Microsoft accessibility overview
Stories about Microsoft apps being released, recalled, or features and capabilities
Software, Microsoft, Apps: ★★  Windows 10 apps ★★ NetFlix
Stories about current or upcoming Microsoft OS features, releases, rumors, capabilities, or recalls.
Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems: ★★ Download Microsoft Windows ★★ Microsoft News App
Items about any of the MS Office family members: Access, Character Map, Excel, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, Picture Manager, PowerPoint, Publisher, or Word, as well as their online counterparts.
Software, Microsoft, Office: ★★ Download Microsoft Office ★★ Introducing Office
News, releases, recalls, information & speculation about the Android OS.
Software, Google, Operating Systems - Android: ★★  Check for software updates in apps, games, & Phone OS ★★ Say hello to Android 10
Info fm the web about Google's OS that powers it's Chromebooks. Chrome OS is in it's 57th release.
Software, Google, Operating Systems - Chrome OS: ★★ Chrome Unboxed ★★ Meet Chrome OS
The latest information about Google apps, the Google Play store, Android apps, and G Suite.
Software Google, Apps: ★★ The best of Google ★★ Google Play apps

Information about the world of Open-source software packages. This includes, not only Linux, but Business Intelligence software, MySQL, replacements for Windows XP and more.Software, Open-source, General News & Trivia: ★★ Linux newbie forum ★★ Linux laptop & netbook forum ★★ Linux mobile forum
There are many useful apps available in Open Source. Search for Open Source Software to see many listed.
Software, Open-source, Apps: ★★ Linux games forum ★★ Linux software forum
Linux is a prominent example of free and open source software. It's a Unix-like operating system released under the GNU General Public License.
Software, Open-source, Operating Systems: ★★ Linux distributions forum ★★ Top 10 examples of open-source software

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