and the Open-Source World

Linux is a class of Operating Systems (OSs) that grew out of AT&T's UNIX OS, which was one of the first systems in computing and is still powering many of the servers on the backbone of the internet. UNIX was not a free Lunux Logosystem, but the Linux adaptation has played a leading role in the Open-Source revolution, sponsored in large part by the Free Software Foundation. Open Source is often misunderstood, but it is very popular and useful. A spinoff from an attempt in 1983 to create a free version of UNIX, called GNU, with the recursive acronym, "GNU's Not Unix!", Linux is the subject of a controversy about its origins. The GNU group insists that it should be called, "GNU/Linux", but there is disagreement among the creators about that.

Linux comes in many colorful distributions (called "distros") (e.g., Debian; Ubuntu; & Fedora, by Red Hat), though not all of them are actually free. What charges there are cover the distribution costs involved.

Linux Resources


Ubuntu is one of the most common manifestations of Linux, especially in the USA. Here is a reference manual and a series of 4 adventures that one of our members took in exploring the world of Ubuntu.

If you have a question or comment about Linux or Open Source, send it to the club president.

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