Club Meetings

The PC Club meets at the Panamerican School in Belen on the third Saturday of each month (except December, when we have a party instead).  Coffee, conversations, and snacks start at 08:30 AM and the meeting starts at 09:00 and lasts until 11:00.  All club business is conducted in English.  Anyone is welcome to visit one meeting, without joining first, to see if it might be useful for them.  The meetings always include a software and hardware clinic to solve problems that members have.  We started out as users of Windows and Linux on PCs, but we've expanded to include Macs, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, etc.  Members are encouraged to bring their latest gadgets to the meeting to show them off, as well as problems that the club will try to solve free of charge.  We have information sharing at each meeting that usually proves beneficial to everyone.  Click here for directions to the meeting site or you can call the club president, Dick, at 506-2416-8493 or email him at for more information.  Some of our members don't live close enough to make it to the meetings, but they still receive all the other benefits of membership, such as access to the members-only content on this site and the General listserver that facilitates email contact between members. All of our monthly club meetings are recorded, transcribed, and summarized on this website (in the members-only section) so that members anywhere can benefit from them.

What happens in a PC Club meeting?  Members & visitors trickle in and many grab a cup of coffee and part of a doughnut before sitting down to talk with friends who have similar interests.  We have lots of types of members (e.g., people who like Windows, those who prefer Macs, a few Linux lovers and, increasingly, smartphoners), but they don't usually choose to sit in small groups because we're pretty casual in our approach.  Members may have been coming to computer club meetings for years, while visitors or new members may have just discovered us recently.  Most are in the "user" category; they just want to learn how to get more out of their machines.  Some are still clinging to XP, while others are using tablets and netbooks, and some have the latest versions.  We have a few programmer types and folks who are able to help others with things, but often the solutions come from users who have worked their way through a similar problem.  Our fearless leader calls the meeting to order promptly at 9 AM and keeps us on track.  During one part we pass a microphone around the room and everyone has a chance to ask about a problem or brag about a new accomplishment.   Visitors are asked to tell us who they are and how they found us.  There's an agenda that he holds us pretty close to while making sure that everyone has a chance to be heard.  He's careful to make sure that we get our business done and end the meeting at 11 AM.  If you want to know more, click on the Club-president link at the bottom of the page.  To find out what's happened in past meetings, take a look at the Tico Bytes, our monthly meeting invitation to members.  If you think you might want to sample a meeting, try this map to our meeting location.

If you're a member and you live too far away (e.g., in the USA, England, Australia, or even Guanacaste) to make it to the monthly meeting, you can still find out what happened in the meeting by reading the Meeting Notes (i.e., the minutes). Just sign in, hover over 'Club Business - Meeting Notes', slide over to the right and click on one of the 6 monthly links that appear. If you'd like to see the Notes fm an older meeting, click on Meeting Notes and scroll down to see a matrix of red stars going back to January, 2011. Click on one to see the minutes of that meeting. The Meeting Notes are condensations of the Meeting Transcripts these days.

Members who prefer to see what was actually said at the meeting (instead of a summary) can read the Meeting Transcript by hovering over 'Club Business - Mtg Transcripts', sliding over to the right, and clicking on one of the 6 monthly links that appear. Each transcript also includes links to the two recordings (one for each hour) from which the transcript was made. (Note: Transcription of the meeting can sometimes take a week or so to produce after the meeting occurs, but the recordings of the meeting are usually available at the end of the meeting day under Club Business - Mtg Recordings). To see Transcripts as far back as May, 2014 click on Mtg Transcripts under Club Business.

Club members can submit questions & comments to the website by using the Member Forum, which is also reached by hovering over 'Club Business' and clicking on Member Forum. The forum software requires a separate login, but the same username & password that logs you in to the website can also be used to login to the Member Forum. If you have any problem logging in to the forum, please send email to the Webmaster.

If you have a question or comment about club meetings, send it to the club president.

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