TicoByte for November, 2011

Dear PC Club members,

Our last club meeting for the year will be this coming Saturday, November 19th, at the Pan American School in Belen at 9am. We will have coffee and snacks at 8:30 AM for those who want to come early and chat. Bring your computer-related items that you would like to sell, give away, or fix.

Here are a few things that caught my eye this month:

Item 1. What are the bleeding-edge technologies expected in 2012?

The Republic of Tech says that thereíll be new processors, new memory, new transfers protocols, and new disc drives to anticipate. Iím not as fanatic about keeping up as I used to be, but itís still fun to look. For the pros out there, BIOS is being replaced by UEFI.

Item 2. The iPod is 10 years old.

Take a trip down memory lane and celebrate the iPodís 10th birthday with this photo gallery.

Item 3. Would pervious concrete work in Costa Rica?

A new kind of concrete is being used in the USA that allows water to drain through it. This SmartPlanet video shows an example installation. You have to sit through a short IBM ad to see it, but it might present an interesting idea for our area. I wonder if it would help us or cause more problems.

Item 4. India has offered a 7Ē tablet for $35.

The saga of the tablet continues to amaze. Take a look at the Aakash Android Tablet. Itís slow and a little clumsy, but Iíll bet it shakes up Apple just a little. Hereís another article about tablets taking over. Itís still early in the transition, but itís getting there. Up the revolution!

Item 5. US Navy tests an electromagnetic catapult system.

After successful tests of a multimegawatt system that uses a 100,000 hp motor to launch jets from an aircraft carrier, plans are underway to replace the steam catapults in use for over 50 years. See photos here.

Item 6. What can you give a world traveler?

Here are four gadgets that might make good Christmas gifts for your favorite world travelers.

Item 7. Do you sometimes feel like climbing the wall?

Well, now a robot can do it for you! Check out this machine that uses electrostatic adhesion to stick to the wall as it climbs. Sounds creepy, you say?

Item 8. Microsoft outlines the future of computing.

It's the sort of world where you can walk into a hotel room and the television immediately displays your favourite channel; the alarm clock sets itself to your preferred time to wake up; the coffee machine works out whether you prefer black or white coffee and begins making you a cup; and the nearest tablet becomes your own personal computer, complete with all your files.

Item 9. The December meeting will be replaced this year as usual by the Christmas Party on December 10th, this time at the Cariari B&B. There will be a $3 per person charge to cover expenses. Click here for more details and directions. Donít miss it!

Dick Sandlin

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