TicoByte for October, 2012

PC Club of Costa Rica Members,

It’s that time again! We meet again this coming Saturday, October 20th, at the Pan American School in Belen at 9 AM. We’ll have coffee and snacks at 8:30.  You can sell or give away anything computer-related at the meeting.

Here are some things I found in which you might be interested:

Item 1.  Scientists in Europe think they have found the God particle.

CERN’s scientists believe they have found the elusive Higgs bosun particle that is predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics. This is critical in understanding why the universe has mass. Here are photos of the celebration.

Item 2.  Do you use WordPress on your blog?

WordPress is a great blogging tool and Jack Wallen has found 5 Must-have WordPress Plugins that benefit the widest range of blogs.

Item 3.  Microsoft announces 3 finalists in its security competition.

The BlueHat Security Competition offers a $200,000 first prize for the best proposal to help Microsoft improve its protection from security attacks.

Item 4.  Did you ever want to hide zero values in an Excel spreadsheet?

Susan Harkins explains three ways to do it. Sometimes it’s those little tricks that really help things look better.

Item 5.  Would you like to replace Windows Explorer?

Personally, I’m comfortable with the default file manager that comes with Windows.  But if you would like to try something different, check out these Five Free Replacements by Jack Wallen.

Item 6.  Did you ever want to format just the numbers in a Word numbered list?

Susan Harkins once again comes to the rescue with an explanation.

Item 7.  Here’s a small trick that can save you lots of time when you’re copying a filename.

If you want to copy the full path for the file, select the name and use Shift-Right-Click to get a menu; select “Copy as path” and you get the full path for the file.  Mark Kaelin shows an example of how this works.

Item 8.  Justin James offers 10 Steps to Increase Any PC’s Performance.

Item 9.  Jack Wallen calls this a very bad precedent.

Samsung has been forced to halt US sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet by an Apple lawsuit claiming infringement on an ornamental design patent.

Item 10.  In July, I installed the Windows 8 Release Preview.

Pro: Better Performance Monitor, Office 2013, Windows Store

Con: IT Pros say no

Both: Should companies upgrade? Do-Not-Track by default in IE10 infuriates Tracking Industry

I plan to buy Windows 8 when it becomes available later this month.

Item 11.  There’s an Excel function to sum only certain values from a list.

Susan Harkins explains how to use the SUMIF() function to add up only the negative numbers in a selection (or only the positive numbers).

Item 12.  Apple has made a new OS release.

Mountain Lion is the latest Operating System release from Apple for its high-end systems. Wil Limoges lists some systems that can use it, as well as a new update for Parallels desktop virtualization software.

Item 13.  The USA is still the best country in the world to learn computer science.

Nick Heath shows the rankings for the Top 10 Schools in the World for computer science.

Item 14.  The Microsoft Imagine Cup for 2012 winners are announced.

The theme this year was “imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems”. The $25,000 first-prize winner was a pair of sign-language-to-speech gloves from Ukraine.

Item 15.  Do you like to find unusual fonts?

Ryan Boudreaux shows fonts inspired by film and television. He also shows how to embed custom fonts on your website with the @font-face property.

Item 16.  Privacy is in short supply on the web.

Alan Norton offers 10 Reasons to Avoid Social Networking Services. Ed Bott cites a Berkeley study that finds Web Tracking Up, Privacy Down. British Airways is using Google’s Image Search to identify high-profile passengers.

Item 17.  Linux users may want to check out Arch Linux.

Chris Duckett became fed up with Fedora and switched to Arch Linux. He provides a detailed description of his installation and use of Arch.

Item 18.  Adobe releases open Source Sans Pro font.

Chris Duckett reports on a new free font from Adobe.

Item 19.  Here is a look at the 5 Hottest Trends of 2012, so far.

Item 20.  Look for a new format next month

There is so much information available: I need to try a new format to get more to you in a compact space.  The Tico Byte for November will be organized by subject area, with more links under each topic.  Let me know what you think of it. We can change back if it doesn’t work out.

Dick Sandlin

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