TicoByte for November, 2012

Members of the club,

We meet again this coming Saturday, November 17th, at the Pan American School in Belen at 9 AM. We’ll have coffee and snacks at 8:30.  You can sell or give away anything computer-related at the meeting. This will be our last meeting of the year, except for the Christmas party next month.

‘Something new in The Byte this month! The list of items will be grouped by topic so that you can find things of interest more easily. Mail me your vote to keep it the new way, or to go back to the old system.

Item 1.  Security/Privacy Issues

Scariest Stuff from BlackHat Conference, From Mac - incurable infection, Dropbox gets hacked again, FBI issues Ransom Malware Warning, 5 Ways to Protect Yourself, Windows 8 Security Improvements, Windows 8 SmartScreen provides extra protection

Item 2.  Philosophical Issues

Computers are writing stories, Can you make guns with 3-D printing?, From Ed - Wayback Machine Archive, Demise of the desktop?

Item 3.  Local Issues

From Chuck - Live Costa Rica travel reports, Travel report example

Item 4.  International Issues

IT disaster in Singapore and Asia Pacific, Outsourcing decline in India and the Philippines, Chrome Web Lab long-distance interaction, The truth about Nigerian scams, Broadband legacy from 2012 Olympics

Item 5.  Interplanetary Issues and Beyond

Graphics Card SuperComputers could help us map the universe

Item 6.  Entertainment: Geek Humor & Interests

Wake-up songs aboard the Space Shuttle, How geeks would improve the Olympics, Build a life-size Star Wars rancor, Cosplay and Japanese culture at AnimeCon, Let’s build a Nikola Tesla Museum

Item 7.  Entertainment: Photo Galleries

Slow motion, Mars terrain, Curiosity’s 1st hi-rez images, Mars 360 HD,  Empire State Building mystery floor, iPhoneography, X-Planes, Sony games, New NASA lander

Item 8.  Hardware: Netbooks

Netbooks buyer’s guide, Customizable choices

Item 9.  Hardware: Tablets

Nexus 7, Android cretique, Can Microsoft be right?, Tablets in the enterprise, DocuSign Ink, 10 Reasons to buy Surface

Item 10.  Hardware: Smartphones

To capture thermal images, Fancy notifications w/Jelly Bean, Galaxy S III, Selecting an Android device for Costa Rica, Secret iPhone codes

Item 11.  Hardware: Tiny Computers

Ice Cream on Raspberry Pi, Coming to business, Essential add-ons

Item 12.  Software: In the Cloud

Review of Gantter project scheduling tool

Item 13.  Software: General Tools

7 File management tips, 5 RSS news readers, 5 Password managers, 5 Mapping apps, 5 Archiving and compression tools, 5 Cloning tools, 5 YouTube video downloaders

Item 14.  Software: Browsers

5 Internet Explorere add-ons, 5 Extensions for Google Chrome

Item 15.  Apple: General News & Trivia

Mac malware is alarming, Meager Mac Pro upgrades, Zoho CRM for iPad, Thanks, Ed -- Undercover 5: recover a stolen Mac

Item 16.  Apple: Operating Systems

1st look at Mountain Lion, Mountain Lion improvements

Item 17.  Microsoft: General News & Trivia

3 Phases of Ballmer’s tenure, Windows Phone loss of market share stopped, Singapore offices use open concept, Skype answers critics on security and privacy, New business plan in plain sight, 10 Things learned from Windows, Holiday pop-up stores, FocusWriter for Windows

Item 18.  Microsoft Windows 8

Release schedule, Metro name dropped

Pros: 10 Predictions revisited, Haters don’t understand, Keyboard shortcuts, Custom mice & keyboards soon, 10 Reasons for Win8 phone, Action Center, Learning to love it, File History tool, 5 Popular apps, SmartScreen, Older PCs, Simplified licensing, Startup options

Cons: Catastrophe, Have to add Media Center

Item 19.  Microsoft Office

Office 2013: 10 Apps from the store

Word: 2 Shortcuts for deleting text, Go To feature, 10 Ways to use Find and Replace

Excel: 10 Customizable defaults, Return latest date, Rounding time values

Outlook: Google apps sync, Display folder totals, Outlook.com replaces Hotmail, Compare Outlook.com w/ Gmail

Item 20.  Google: General News & Trivia

Inside Google offices, US Govt adopts Google Apps, Google buys Wildfire

Item 21.  Linux

Major game players come to Linux, Ubuntu 12.10 Preview

Dick Sandlin

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