TicoByte for December, 2012

Dear members,

I hope you made it to the Christmas party because it’s always a good time. Traditionally, there won’t be a club meeting this month due to the holiday schedules that will keep us all busy. I hope to see you at our next meeting at the Pan American School in Belen on January 19, 2013 at 9AM.

End of the year clearance: These are the remaining items in my storage for this year. Some of these items may seem a little daunting, but they are just links separated by commas. Scan through and click on any that seem interesting.

Item 1.  Trends in computing: Change our name to the Device Club of CR?,  Is Microsoft going soft?Signs that your TARDIS is stuck in the past,  New Wi-Fi standard proposed: 802.11ac,  Is the CD dead at 30?,  Facebook doesn’t have to be cool anymore,  Proposed “Digits” bracelet looks promising,  “Hover-to-Buy” tech is coming,  Digital 100: World’s most valuable private tech companies,  Did the Webtop bloom too early?,  X Factor creator looks for next tech star,  The new multiscreen world,  BigQuery adds batch processing and connection to Excel,  What is the Future of Computers?,  Is Google Maps the best nav app?,  Google Maps goes underwater to coral reefs,  No Google Maps on iPhone5,  1-in-4 Tablet owners say it is now their primary computer,  The dark side of Wikipedia,  9 Algorithms that changed the future - book review,  Where are the jobs?,  Preparing for the post-PC era,  Android adds accessibility options,  Big Blue opens a new marketing strategy,  Shared data plans replace unlimited data plans,  Sitting at your desk is unhealthy,  Infographic: The generation gap

Item 2.  Great ideas:  3D printers in space,  Supersonic ninja star jetliner,  Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards,  Kinect adds motion sensing to Windows 8,  Invisible QR codes to thwart counterfeiters fm Chuck,  A new way to read (watch the movie),  A wearable personal computer,  Next-gen Super Wi-Fi,  Autographer wearable camera,  Kinect and lasers in real-time mapping gear for firefighters,  Record Skype calls (including video) with “Pamela”,  Harvesting power from high-altitude winds

Item 3.  Security/Privacy issues:  Chrome finally adds Do Not Track,  Keeping in touch during emergencies,  Top 25 attackable passwords,  iOS6 turns tracking back on,  Extension to fix Chrome privacy, fm Calvin,  IU research project creates “PlaceRaider” to demonstrate remote surveillance,  Law Enforcement uses “Stingrays” to capture phone information,  XP won’t last forever,  Microsoft blasted by ad industry again for Do-Not-Track default,  DNT crossed into crazy territory,  Security apps for Android,  Adobe gets hacked,  GoDaddy outage puts a shadow on the cloud,  Guarding security in the cloud,  How browsing at work leads to security breaches,  Avast Anti-theft on Android,  Next generation firewalls,  Encryption may destroy antivirus function.,  Scary stats about password theft,  Computer vigilantes break the law,  Free Windows anti-malware tools,  More anti-malware tools,  Problems with Do-Not-Track,  Samsung Galaxy S3 vulnerable to remote malicious reset,  Content blockers,  Secure shell clients,  The elevator security pitch,  Hack In The Box 2012,  Inexpensive VPN clients

Item 4.  Legal issues:  Microsoft sues Google in Germany,  Apple loses UK Samsung appeal,  Apple pulls unacceptable apology from UK web with no replacement,  Samsung fights back against Apple,  Developers liable for security holes?,  8 Court confrontations that mattered,  The real winner in Samsung vs Apple,  Samsung phones Apple wants banned,  Top evidence in Apple vs Samsung,  Australia bans software patents

Item 5.  Philosophical issues:  11 Greatest enemies of creativity,  Enough with China-bashing?,  Indonesia adopts biometric ID cards w/ fingerprints & iris images,  Learning from Apple’s mapping gaffe,  Internet freedom: throw off the shackles,  Let internet censorship rot in walled gardens,  Crazy causes for Network Crashes,  Are gadgets infringing on holidays?,  CIOs predict demise of PCs and desk phones,  Can Social Media boost productivity?,  Are we carrying too many devices?,  2nd Russinovich novel is a techno-thriller,  Lower power needs means smaller computers,  How Social Media change how IT works,  Where are we headed?,  Time to fix this patent farce,   Wireless bands are old tech: no longer needed?

Item 6.  International issues:  EU investigates Microsoft for browser monopoly

Item 7.  Interplanetary issues & beyond:  SpaceX Dragon completes 1st commercial cargo flight,  Curiosity finds foreign object on Mars,  Mirrors completed for Hubble successor,  2 Probes launched into Van Allen belts,  Curiosity progress 1,  Last Pictures time capsule

Item 8.  Entertainment, Geek humor & interests:  Disney acquires Lucasfilm, promises more Star Wars,  Things I miss,  Best sci-fi inspired rock albums,  What other sci-fi franchise shares a universe with Hitchhiker’s Guide?,  Cold War flying saucer was real,  Curiosity moves,  Curiosity finds ancient Martian streambed,  Alan Turing monopoly game,  What was the purpose of the 1st Google Doodle?,  Tech Troopers: Bill Gates as a Star Wars action figure,  World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria,  2012 Ig Nobel Prize winners (get it? “Ignoble”),  Download Cribbage for Windows

Item 9.  Entertainment, Photo galleries:  Curiosity 1,  Curiosity2,  Curiosity Chem Laser,  Paris Panorama,  Blue Marble,  NASA1,  NASA Fantasies,  Canadian planetary explorers,  Northern Lights,  Eclipses,  Starwars,  Google Doodles,  Google Doodle Archive,  Geekiest Doodles,  Deep Space Nebulae,  Dragon*Con 2012,  shuttle Endeavour’s final curtain call,  Endeavour over LA street,  National Geographic 9/21/12,  Hubble Deep Field images,  Endeavour’s last landing,  Maker Faire NYC 2012,  Oracle OpenWorld 2012,  MythBusters Exhibit,  Nokia’s strangest phones,  Vintage computers,  NY Comic Con 2012,  Luxury phones,  Austin Comic Con 2012

Item 10.  Hardware:  Hardware is important again,  Amusing hard drive story,  HP in trouble,  Samsung launches ATIV brand w/Windows 8 devices,  Samsung ATIV includes range of products,  Speccy can inventory your computer,  Building your own PC

Item 11.  Hardware, Cracking open:

Desktops:  Chromebox Series 3:Photos and Analysis

Laptops:  Samsung Series 5 Chromebook: Photos, Retina MacBook Pro 13:  Photos

Tablets:  Microsoft Surface w/ Windows RT: > Photos and Analysis,  Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1:  Photos and Analysis,  Amazon Kindle Fire HD:  Photos and Analysis

Smartphones:  Google Nexus S:  Photos,  Samsung Captivate:  Photos and Review,  iPhone5:  Photos and Review

Game devices:  PlayStation 3 Super Slim:  Photos and Analysis

Item 12.  Hardware, Desktops:  Dell OptiPlex 9010 AIO review,  Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 92z

Item 13.  Hardware, Laptops:  The best laptops under $500,  Dell XPS 13 compared to MacBook Air,  Samsung Chromebook,  1st day w/ Samsung S5 550 Chromebook,  Sony VAIO T13,  Sony VAIO Duo 11 doubles as tablet

Item 14.  Hardware, Tablets:  Asus Vivo vs. Surface RT comparison,  MS Surface pricing could be “a fatal mistake”,  First detailed look at Surface RT,  Inside look at Surface RT,  Hands on with Surface, part 1,  iPad lover critiques Surface,  Things that baffle me about the Surface RT,  Why no Nokia tablet, yet?,  Fujitsu Q702 w/keyboard & stylus,  Fujitsu Q572,  Is the Surface keyboard the answer for tablets?,  Google Nexus 10 to have higher res display than iPad,  Google Nexus 10 review,  iPad Mini is in the wings,  iPad4 & iPad Mini unveiled,  Review of iPad4 & iPad Mini,  Stand by your iPad,  iPad5 may come soon,  Lenovo IdeaPad S2110 includes dock w/keyboard,  Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13,  HP announces its ElitePad 900,  Archos 101 XS includes “coverboard”,  Tablet space predictions for 4Q2012,  Microsoft Surface,  Surface ARM CEO plays down legacy software appeal,  Acer Iconia W510 w/ laptop dock,  Acer 7” Iconia Tab A110

Item 15.  Hardware, ebook readers:  Kindle Paperwhite,  Hands-on Amazon Kindle Paperwhite,  Family plan for new 7” and 9” HD Nooks

Item 16.  Hardware, Smartphones:  Top 5 smartphones for the holidays,  Camera phone comparisons,  Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8,  Nexus 4 revealed by retailer,  OtterBox cases for iPhone5 & Galaxy S3,  Smartphones break if dropped,  Windows Phone 8 launch,  Windows Phone 8 business features,  Blackberry Curve 9320,  Blackberry 10,  Speculations about iPhone5,  Galaxy S III review,  Tips for Galaxy S III users,  T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G,  T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II,  Fix for Galaxy S III WiFi Problem,  Benchmarking iPhone 5,  iPhone5 pictures,  The iPhone we’ve always wanted,  HTC Windows Phone 8X,  HTC Windows Phone 8X will be cheap in UK,  Hands-on 1st impressions of HTC Windows phone 8X,  iPhone5 compared w/Galaxy S III,  5 Android alternatives to iPhone5

Item 17.  Hardware, Tiny computers:  Adapteva’s parallel Kickstarter,  Raspberry Pi arcade kit wins Kickstarter funding,  Raspberry Pi upgrade juices up memory,  Build your own OS for Raspberry Pi,  Raspberry Pi and beer,  New iPod for 2012,  Closer look at 7th Gen iPod Nano,  Google Glass - thanks, Suzy

Item 18.  Hardware, Peripherals:  Which peripherals work with Windows RT, Surface RT?,  Libratone Zipp portable speakers,  Synology DiskStation Network-attached-storage (NAS),  ViewSonic VP2770-LED 27” monitor,  Homemade thumbdrives,  10 Home 3D printers,  Digital designs for physical objects: Thingiverse,  Share one keyboard and mouse between multiple computers without a KVM,  Keyboard comparisons

Item 19.  Software, General, News & Trivia:  Coming to all mobile devices: Portable user environments,  Who is more social:  Android or iOS?,  Compare & Contrast Google apps and Outlook.com,  Big year ahead,  Oracle OpenWorld 2012 hints,  Flash lives

Item 20.  Software, General, In the Cloud:  The cloud-centric future is not science fiction,  Get started w/Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3),  Create buckets & objects w/S3,  Ubuntu One adds Mac support,  Make your own cloud with Syncbox,  Adjusting privacy settings after Facebook’s Timeline change,  Facebook dumps HTML5

Item 21.  Software, General Tools:  Free infographics creation tools,  Wise Folder Hider,  Adobe Acrobat meets the cloud,  Sound Lock sets maximum volume,  LibreOffice maintenance update,  Greenshot screen grabber,  How to email to groups,  4 Point-Of-Sale systems,  5 web camera recorders (not free),  5 hard disk wiping tools,  5 Free PDF readers,  5 DVD copying tools,  5 Fast Windows Desktop search utilities,  5 Touch-typing tutors,  5 Free network diagramming apps,  5 Chat client apps,  10 General cross-platform tools,  $50 Winzip self-extractor,  Nitro Pro 8 review

Item 22.  Software, General , Browsers:  IE9 confirmed as the safest web browser,  Readability brings Reader Mode to IE,  Firefox for Win8,  Tips for faster browsing

Item 23.  Software, Apple, General:  iExplorer provides access to iPhone files,  Apple ponders moving away from Intel chips,  Shakeup at Apple,  Thoughts on the shakeup and skeuomorphic design,  Anthropologist confirms Apple is a religion,  New Macs of all stripes,  Edit PowerPoint slides on your iPhone,  True story of Apple tech support,  Mac for windows users,  iPad5 may come soon,  Tim Cook’s most excellent Apple adventure,  Apple builds new $68M Oregon data center,  iPhone holders,  Why Apple’s stock is dropping,  Using “Emoji” on your iPhone,  iCool: Stylish iPad stands,  Apple one year after Steve Jobs,  Apple’s future is Thunderbolt,  A rare Apple failure: Ping,  Businesses beware of Apple iCloud,  iPhone 5 impresses,  Very positive review of iPhone5,  Pictures of iPhone 5,  How long will iPhone 5 stay ahead?,  Office on the Mac,  New iTunes release,  Concern about iOS6 Maps,  Google Maps sorely missed by reviewers,  Apple CEO apologizes for Mapgate,  Apps for Mac business users,  Free IT tools from the Apple App Store,  iFixit says Apple makes difficulty to repair on purpose,  Praise for the Lightning connector,  I like my iPad mini more than my iPad3

Item 24.  Software, Apple, Operating Systems:  Over The Air (OTA) iOS 6.0.1 release available,  iOS6 turns tracking back on,  Problems with iOS6 “Do Not Disturb” feature,  Windows 8 on a Retina Macbook,  Mountain Lion release is most successful,  iOS6 makes iPhone easier to use,  10 Improvements in iOS6 that work on iPad,  iOS6 woes: Save the blobs with TinyUmbrella before installing it,  New iOS Wi-Fi problem surfaced,  8 Cool Asian iOS apps

Item 25.  Software, Microsoft, General News & Trivia:  Microsoft is replacing Messenger with Skype,  free IE repair tool,  Very positive article about Win8 tablets,  Holiday Pop-up stores,  Microsoft is now a “devices and services” company,  Microsoft’s Bing invests in Klout,  Windows Phone 8 launch,  New Microsoft logo,  Windows Store now open to developers in 120 markets,  Productivity apps for Windows Phone,  SkyDrive for Android,  Skype for Win8,  Skype integrates with Windows Live Messenger,  YouthSpark program

Item 26.  Software, Microsoft, Operating Systems, Windows 8:  Loading the real Windows 8 in Costa Rica,  Windows 8 upgrade experience,  Sign in with a picture password,  Windows 8 FAQ part 1,  Windows 8 launch,  Summary of Windows 8,  Windows 8 is the new XP,  Prices and packaging go public,  Cheapest and easiest upgrade paths,  What’s the difference between Windows RT & Windows 8?,  Firefox for Win8,  Win8 Tools menu,  Win8 security features,  Great Win8 apps for network and disc analysis,  Win8 app updates,  More great Win8 apps,  Customize live tiles in Win8 Start Screen,  Windows 8 on a Retina Macbook,  Dual boot Windows 8 and Windows 7,  Removing Windows 8 from dual-boot,  New Windows 8 license terms,  What does “no compromises” mean?,  How to use Paragon Win8 Image Backup,  Following the Win8 upgrade path,  Windows 8 Enterprise Version 90-day trial,  Adding Chrome, Gmail, and other Google services to Win8,  Is Windows 8 launching too early?,  10 sweet & scary things about Windows 8,  

Pros:  Don’t hate Windows 8!,  Normal people like it, sort of

Cons: Wait for a hybrid,  Landmines

Item 27.  Software, Microsoft, Office:  Spell checking more efficiently,  Things to love & hate about Office 2013,  Hands on w/Office 2013

Word:  Display chapter numbers as part of a page number,  Display text in the margin,  Use AutoText for return addresses,  Using Quick Style gallery

Excel:  Create a scrolling chart,  How to add a dependent list control,  Using the Consolidate feature,  Highlighting input cells,  Hiding duplicate values

Outlook:  Filter data by selection,  How to change multiple contacts at the same time,  Ways to customize Outlook,  Ways to speed up Outlook

PowerPoint:  Transitions to visually link data

Item 28.  Google, General News & Trivia:  Google is not a Windows 8 fan (funny),  3 Israeli “white hat” hackers help plug security holes,  Dots & Capitals are ignored in Gmail addresses,  Google’s sneaky Adobe partnership,  What if Chrome won’t start?,  Google ends apps support for IE8,  Google and Windows8 working together,  Google News turns 10

Item 29.  Google, Cloud Tools:  Protected ranges for spreadsheets,  3 Enhancements for Google Mail

Item 30.  Google, Operating Systems - Android:  Android 4.2’s best new features,  Android leads in the Far East,  Android 4.x penetration picks up

Item 31.  Google, Apps:  Google Field Trip app informs about surroundings,  Android finance apps,  SkyDrive for Android, Pictures,  Avast Anti-theft on Android,  Android tools to connect to other machines,  Google’s WebFont loader

Item 32.  Linux, General News & Trivia:  The big misconceptions about Linux,  10 obscure Linux apps

Item 33.  Linux, Operating Systems


Ubuntu 12.10 desktop blows away Windows 8,  Ubuntu 12.10 slideshow,  Ubuntu 12.10 is better but slower,  Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) release,  Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2 preview,  Great new free Ubuntu manual

Linux Mint

LM Debian update pack 5 shows maturity

Dick Sandlin

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