TicoByte for January, 2013

Illustrious members of the club,

Happy new year!

Our first meeting of 2013 will be Saturday, January 19th, at the Pan American School in Belen at 9 AM. We’ll have coffee and snacks at 8:30 if you want to come early and get a good seat.  Bring your questions and anything you’d like to show off, give away, or sell that pertains to computing.

Item 1. Back to the future:  Are you tired of receiving email with a list of hundreds of links about stuff that mostly doesn't interest you?  Well, your thoughts have been heard and the Tico Byte is back to it's old format for future issues.  And the links are still available, just in a different place, so hopefully this is a win-win move.  If you want to find articles about a given topic or to see what's happening this month in the tech world, check out the new items under the Links menu at the top of the club's website.  You can see links from a given month or across months for a given topic.

Item 2. Steampunk:  It's a design based on an alternate reality where the future has gone back to the past.  For example, a Windows 7 laptop in an ornate wood and brass case, or a Thumb drive in a case with little tiny gears on it.  This may sound crazy, but it's all the rage with young techies these days.  You might think of it as a desire to connect with the past.  That can't be all bad, right?

Item 3. Security and privacy:  Are you aware that Macs no longer live in a secure world?  That some governments (including the USA) are now in the malware business?  That the Android OS is now being threatened by attackers?  If you want to know more about this, you might read the 10 Security stories that shaped 2012.  The news is not all bad; there have been some successes against hacktivist groups as well.

Item 4. The Symphony of Science:  Did you enjoy the TV series Cosmos?  The SoS site was inspired by Cosmos and it offers short videos with remixed music and speech about the nature of the universe and how we need to protect our environment and explore the cosmos.  I especially liked The Case for Mars.

Item 5. Microsoft Office:  Did you know you can now access your Gmail messages from Outlook?  Would you like to use Office on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone?  Microsoft is planning to release Office Mobile in early 2013 with versions for iOS and Android.  Here's a list of the 10 most popular Office tips for 2012.

Item 6. Apple as a religion:  I came across a funny article called, Anthropologist 'confirms' Apple is a religion.  If you follow this link, be sure to watch the movie Apple fanboy reaction to iPhone5.  The premise of the movie is that they wanted to ask people how they liked the new iPhone5, but it wasn't available yet, so they used the iPhone4S in the test.  It's hilarious!  One person was even holding his iPhone4S in one hand and the "test" iPhone5 (actually an iPhone4S) in the other and extolling the differences.

I hope to see you at the meeting,

Dick Sandlin

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