TicoByte for February, 2013

Howdy, y’all!

Our next meeting will be Saturday, February 16th, at the Pan American School in Belen at 9 AM. We’ll have our usual coffee and snacks at 8:30 before the meeting.  Come on down and have a great time learning things about computers and talking with your computer buddies.

Item 1.  The Consumer Electronics Show:  New wonders were revealed at CES2013 in Las Vegas last month.  We might also look ahead to the Mobile World Congress (MWC2013) February 25 - 28, in Barcelona.

Item 2.  Tech trends to look for:  Lots of predictions are floating around about where things are going in technology this year.  We’ll look at a few if we have time.

Item 3.  In-flight Wi-Fi:  Have you seen the new options for passengers above 10,000 ft?  These are mostly over the USA and they’re not free, but they’re interesting.

Item 4.  Is this the year of the Ubuntu tablet and smartphone?  It could be, based on a new touch-enabled Ubuntu that’s already in the works.

Item 5.  Gorilla Glass 3:  Wouldn’t you like some?  It was demonstrated at CES2013 and it will be in a tablet or smartphone near you soon.

Item 6.  Are you vulnerable to UPnP attack?  There’s yet another threat around, this time it’s based on flaws in the Universal Plug & Play protocol.  You probably have seen discussion about this in the club message traffic.

I hope to see you at the meeting,

Dick Sandlin


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