TicoByte for April, 2013

Dear fellow computer buffs,

Our meeting this month will be Saturday, April 20th, at the Pan American School in Belen at 9 AM.  Come early, if you like, for coffee, snacks, and chat at 8:30.  Bring your favorite computer stories, as well as hardware or software that others could use.  I had a great time in Texas last month, but I'm glad to be back for this month's meeting.

  1. Chuck is presenting information at the meeting this month about Mind Mapping. You can read up about it on Wikipedia and be prepared to ask him difficult questions.

  2. I've made some progress with my Raspberry Pi computer, thanks to some things I bought in Texas, and I'll tell you a little about that at the meeting.

  3. Steve found a good article about a BioAid device that can turn your iPhone into a hearing aid.

  4. Tio has a few things to tell us about developments in the SOPA wars between those who would restrict content on the internet and those who advocate freedom of expression.

  5. Don't forget to give me feedback about whether cartoons are a distraction or an aid to paying attention.

I hope you see you again at the meeting,

Dick Sandlin


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