TicoByte for June, 2013

Dear PC Club folk,

Our meeting this month is on Saturday, June 15th, at the Pan American School in Belen at 9 AM. It's the earliest possible date in the month, since June begins on a Saturday this year, so watch out or you'll miss it.  Come early for chat, coffee, and snacks at 8:30.  Bring anything computer related, that you would like to show off.

  1. In addition to his regular Treasurer's Report this month, Ken's going to follow up on some things that came up last time: the BioAid hearing aid and bank account security.

  2. Sandra Kraus is bringing in some computer equipment that she would like to sell before returning to the States.

  3. Chuck will present a demo on the iPod Touch with BioAid installed.

  4. I'm going to be absent this month because I just had a lens replacement in my left eye and the doctor said I couldn't drive for a month.  It seems a little excessive to me, but I'll defer to her on this.

  5. Tio will present a report on NSA's data mining of US internet firms.

  6. Mac is going to gloat (just kidding) about how the International Space Station is replacing Windows XP with Debian 6 Linux.  In all fairness, they're replacing Linux Red Hat, too, in the consolidation.  Still, club members using XP should see the writing on the wall.

  7. The Links page on the club website has been updated and I encourage you to proof read it for me.  The links this month have a lot of buzz about 3D printers, the Google Glass headset, the Google developers' convention, the new 5G Wi-Fi standard that is hundreds of times faster, strong authentication, FBI monitoring of email, a really funny Spock commercial, a great astronaut bit by Chris Hadfield, and reviews of the latest gadgets and software.

I hope you can make the meeting,

Dick Sandlin

"What did you do now?  3,729 people just unfriended us!"

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