TicoByte for October, 2013

Shalom, PC Club members!

Come on down to the PC Club meeting this month on Saturday, October 19th, at the  Pan American School in Belen at 9 AM.  Come early, at 8:30, to chat, have some coffee, and a snack.  Bring computer-related items that you would like to share or with which you would like to get help.

  1. Elections for President, Treasurer, and Ombudsman will be held this month. Check out the club bylaws if you're curious about the duties of officers.

  2. The annual club membership drive starts this month and continues thru January. Dues remain @ $30 or 15,000.

  3. Don't forget the club Christmas Party on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7th. It'll be at Lenny and Joan's house. Directions will be forthcoming.

  4. Guest presenter Andreamarta Moreno will give a demonstration of how to use the power of all social media to promote oneself, interest, or product.

  5. Here are some items in the Web News recently:

  6. I'll be in Texas during this month's club meeting, so look for me in November.

'See you at the November meeting,

Dick Sandlin


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