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TicoByte for May, 2014

Howdy, PC Club members!

The PC Club meeting this month will be back to normal on the 3rd Saturday, May 17th, at the Pan American School in Belen at 9 AM. If you come early, coffee and snacks will be available.  Bring your computer-related items and anything that you would like to share or ask about.

  1. Ken will present the Treasurer's report: $2674 in the treasury with 42 paid members for 2014 and one already for 2015.

  2. We'll go around the room as usual to hear your news and answer your questions.

  3. Topics of interest
    1. Tigo Star announces new rates cheaper than ICE.
    2. Mac will tell us what's happening w/ XP.
    3. Time permitting, Dick will describe what's happening w/ Windows 8.1.
    4. Bill will share thoughts about helping w/ handheld devices(next month).
    5. Bill will talk about wiping your hard drive w/ Parted Magic (next month).
    6. Ongoing, how to stream TV Over Internet (TVOI) in Costa Rica
      1. Sling Box
      2. Apple TV
      3. Rabbit TV
      4. USTvNow
      5. Chromecast
      6. Roku TV
      7. Amazon Fire TV

  4. Future topics: Tell us what you want to know about.

  5. Here are some highlights in the Web News recently:

I hope to see you at the meeting,

Dick Sandlin


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