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TicoByte for June, 2014

Hello, PC Club members,

The PC Club meeting this month will be on the 3rd Saturday, June 21st, at the Pan American School in Belen at 9 AM. Coffee and snacks will be available at 8:30.  Bring your computer-related items and things that you would like to ask about or share.

  1. Ken's Treasurer's report:  $2544 in the treasury with 42 paid members for 2014 and one already for 2015.

  2. The microphone will go around the room as usual to hear your news and questions.

  3. Topics of interest

    1. Ken: Installing his new 480GB solid-state drive (SSD)

      Also installing Ubuntu 14.04 on an extra USB hard drive and setting the BIOS such that Ubuntu will boot when the Ubuntu drive is plugged in, otherwise Windows will boot

      The club is interested in a new PA system.

    2. Mac:  Using the Classic Shell program to make Windows 8.1 look like XP.

    3. Tio:  So you can't give up that old XP you love? Here's a hack for adventurous XP 32 users that can "cheat" Microsoft into providing updates until 2019.

    4. Bill:  What you need to know about handheld devices

      • Android vs iPhone
      • Tablet vs Smartphone
      • Device usefulness depends on the Apps you install.
      • Mobile Devices: Talking Points

        Operating System

        iOS vs Android
        The two systems are about equal overall but each has its strong features. iOS has the walled garden to keep you safe and has some exclusive apps. Loading a movie is only done through the iTunes program on your PC. Android is more flexible and allows user modifications and access. Side loading a movie or book is a very easy drag and drop from your PC. Most people will want all their mobile devices to use the same OS.

        Tablet vs Phone (or Phablet?)
        Tablets are too big to carry around so tend to live in the home. As such they only need Wi-Fi and that is free. They tend to be used to consume material, read stuff, watch movies, email, look up stuff while at the dinner table….. Smart Phones do those things(fancy watching a movie on your phone?) plus since they are mobile, with a data connection (hopefully), you can use the map features and turn by turn driving guidance plus so many mobile things that the kids best can tell you about. Oh yes…make a phone call and text friends.

        Cyndy and I couldn't decide so we each have one of each.

        Some favorite Apps (Android)

    5. Chuck:  Sherlybox creates a network storage system on your desk.

      New hearing aid program (The Ear Machine) for iPod.

      Also other apps at Apple; such as a Tinnitus Masker (or for Android)

    6. Ongoing, how to stream TV Over Internet (TVOI) in Costa Rica
      1. Sling Box
      2. Apple TV
      3. Rabbit TV
      4. USTvNow
      5. Chromecast
      6. Roku TV
      7. Amazon Fire TV
      8. Cuevana

  4. Future topics: Tell us what you want to know about.

  5. Here are some highlights in the Web News recently:

'Looking for you at the meeting,

Dick Sandlin


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