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Tico Byte for June, 2015

Hello again, PC Club members,

Get ready for the PC Club meeting on the 3rd Saturday, June 20th this month, at the Pan American School in Belen  starting at 9 AM. As expected, coffee, snacks, and conversation will be available at 8:30.  Be ready to share anything computer-related with the group.

  1. Ken's Treasurer's report:  $1996 in the treasury with 42 paid members. Members can log in and view the details under Club Business - Financials on the club website.

  2. Joan will moderate the microphone going around the room to hear your news and questions.

  3. Topics of interest

    1. Chuck will talk about the merits of the Android OS.

    2. Ken will explain (and seek volunteers for) the club's opportunity to speak to potential residents of CR at the monthly ARCR classes.

    3. Dick was planning to demo the new Microsoft Edge browser. Since car trouble prevents him from attending this month, you can follow the link yourself. Another interesting link is a list of 7 things that won't work after you upgrade to Windows 10.

    4. Dick also wanted to bring a website procedural change to your attention. The long lists of monthly pages for the Web News, Tico Bytes, and Meeting Notes sections have been replaced by a compact matrix. Click here for an example. This change makes it easier to select from five years of accumulated data if you get curious about how things used to happen in the club.

    5. Ongoing, how to stream TV Over Internet (TVOI) in Costa Rica

      1. Sling Box
      2. Apple TV
      3. Rabbit TV
      4. USTvNow
      5. Chromecast
      6. Roku TV
      7. Amazon Fire TV
      8. Cuevana Storm
      9. Netflix
      10. Sling TV (Dish Network)
  4. Future topics: Tell us what you want to know about.

  5. Here are some highlights in the Web News recently:

'Hope to see you next month,

Dick Sandlin


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