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Tico Byte for August, 2015

Greetings, PC Club members,

This month's PC Club meeting will be on the 3rd Saturday, August 15th, at the Pan American School in Belen starting at 9 AM. As always, coffee, snacks, and conversation will be available at 8:30 for early birds.  You can bring anything computer-related that you have questions about or would like to share with the group. Since August started on Saturday this year, this is the earliest possible day for the club meeting, so don't let it slip past you.

  1. Chuck will open the meeting and preside over the Club Business portion.

    1. Jim will welcome guests and new members.

    2. Jim will be giving the Treasurer's report this month, too, since Ken is away in Dallas:  $2075 in the treasury with 45 paid members. Members can log in and view the details under Club Business - Financials on the club website.

    3. Then Jim will put on his Membership Chairman's hat and talk to us about outreach and recruiting. The club is preparing some banners and flyers to introduce ourselves to English-speakers in CR who might be interested in joining us. We are also speaking in the tech presentation to new arrivals attending the ARCR forum who might be interested.

    4. Chuck will ask if anyone wants to buy one of Lenny's 5 books that are left for ₡2,500 each.

    5. Chuck will entertain any new club business.
  2. Joan will moderate the microphone going around the room to hear your news and questions.

  3. We will take a 15 minute break.

  4. Topics of interest

    1. Dick, Chuck, and Bill will share their experiences installing Windows 10 and ask if anyone else has installed it, yet.

    2. Dick will show a 2 minute video about a new Office app called Office Sway.

    3. Chuck will ask for possible future topics and presenters from the membership.

    4. We remember Ken, who is sweltering in the Dallas heat for two weeks visiting friends and relatives. And we wish him and his a safe trip home.

    5. Ongoing, how to stream TV Over Internet (TVOI) in Costa Rica

      1. Sling Box
      2. Apple TV
      3. Rabbit TV
      4. USTvNow
      5. Chromecast
      6. Roku TV
      7. Amazon Fire TV
      8. Cuevana Storm
      9. Netflix
      10. Sling TV (Dish Network)

  5. Future topics: Tell us what you want to know about.

  6. Here are some highlights in the Web News recently:

I'll be looking for you at the meeting,

Dick Sandlin


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