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Tico Byte for October, 2017

Hello, PC Club members,

The 3rd Saturday is coming up again this weekend. The PC Club meeting will be on October 21st this month, at the Pan American School in Belen starting at 9 AM. We'll be meeting in Room Y103 this month (click on the maps). (We have met in this room before.)

Coffee, snacks, and conversation will be available, as always, at 8:30. Bring anything computer-related that you have questions about or would like to share with the group.
  1. Dick will open the meeting and preside over club business.

    1. Ken will welcome guests and new members.

    2. Ken's Treasurer's report:  $1221 in the treasury with 34 paid memberships. Recently paid annual expenses: $602 for rent to school, $18 for domain name, and $150 for web hosting. Members can log in and view the details under “Club Business - Financials” on the club website.

    3. Last minute nominations for President, Treasurer, Member-at-Large

    4. Elections: President, Treasurer, Member-at-Large

    5. Maybe chopped fruit & ½ as many doughnuts at meetings? Need someone or committee to coordinate meeting refreshments.

    6. Guests for Christmas Party: $5 for each guest (BYOB).

  2. Dick will moderate the microphone going around the room to hear your news and questions. (Please use the microphone and say your name.)

  3. Break (15 min)
  4. Topics of interest

    1. (Dick) How & why to visit the Member Forum (?Club Chat?). [Members only]

    2. (Bill) Smart phone topic

    3. (Dick) Comparison of Mac & Windows Software [Members only]

  5. Potential Topics (Pick 2 for next month)

    1. (Bill V) Smartphone topics (recurring)

    2. (Gillian) How computers are controlling us.

    3. (Sid) Google sharing all emails w US Govt. No privacy. Alternate solutions.

    4. (Sid) Operating system on a memory stick

    5. (Gillian) How can we deal w/ advertisements on the web?

    6. (Sid) Presentation from Apple rep (or knowledgeable user)

    7. (Martha) Alternative Social Media (Nov)

    8. Helen will ask for more potential topics and presenters: Tell us what you want to hear about.

'Hope to see you at the meeting,

Dick Sandlin


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