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Tico Byte for March, 2018

Aloha, PC Club members!

The 3rd Saturday is coming up again this weekend. The PC Club meeting will be on March 17th this month (St. Patrick's Day), at the Pan American School in Belen  starting at 9 AM. Coffee, snacks, and conversation will be available, as always, at 8:30.  Bring anything computer-related that you have questions about or would like to share with the group.

  1. We will meet in the same room we used last time. That's the last room on the bottom floor of the Yellow Bldg. There will be signs to help you find us. You can park near the small gate in the inner fence and walk in from there.
  2. Dick will open the meeting and preside over club business.

  3. Michael volunteered to bring bananas and clementines (if they're still available), since Tom and others are going to the Marine League picnic this Saturday. Dick will bring tiny chocolate bars.

  4. Kim will welcome guests and new members

  5. Ken will introduce our guest speaker, Andy Leimer (8383-5500, who will talk about Raspberry Pi programming. He has a system w/ 800 channels. And he gave us a parts list as well. He also shared How to fix your Fire TV Stick if you are currently having problems and Installing Terrarium TV on your Fire TV Stick.

  6. Break (15 min)
  7. Kim's Treasurer's report:  As of 2/17/2018 we have $1,928.50 in the treasury with 26 paid memberships for 2018 and 1 paid for 2019. Members can log in and view the details under “Club Business - Financials” on the club website.

  8. The Club Board has appointed Les Virgil to fill out Bill Vorih's term as Vice-President, for the rest of 2018. Here's what the Bylaws say:

    • In the case of resignation, incapacity, or death of a Board member, other than the President, the President may call a special assembly to elect a new person to fill said position or the board may appoint a Member at Large of the Board to act in that position for the remainder of the outstanding term of office. Generally the Board will be guided in choosing which of these two possibilities to follow by considering the length of time remaining before the next regular election for that position.

    • The duties of the Vice-President:
      These are same as those of the President when, and only when, the President is absent or incapacitated. If the president, as approved by the Board, is permanently incapacitated or resigns, the Vice-President must call for a special Assembly to elect a new President within 30 days. Until that time, the Vice-President will act as the President. The Vice-President will also carry out any special duties, commensurate with the position, that may be assigned by the President.

  9. Dick will ask if anyone has any Gizmo Talk: to show off new gadgets or apps.

  10. Dick will moderate the microphone going around the room to hear your news and questions. (Please use the microphone and say your name.)

  11. Dick will put on his Webmaster hat and explain why he's dropping the Meeting Notes from ongoing site updates, due to workload issues.

    • Back in 2011, when they began, they were brief notes of what happened at club meetings, often like what was also in the Tico Bytes. When the Meeting Transcripts began in earnest in mid-2015, the Meeting Notes became more detailed and, eventually, just a cleaned-up version of the Transcripts. But, with each change in the Meeting Notes, more time was necessary to create them.

    • The time required has finally reached a point where Dick can’t keep up with everything. Since the transcripts hold everything that happened in the meetings, albeit less polished, he’s going to let them be the end of the chain in reporting on the meetings.

    • If anyone in the club is willing to produce Meeting Notes fm the Transcripts, Dick would be more than happy to put them on the website.

    • One last thing, the PC Club has traditionally had a tiny Tico Byte in December (if at all) & replaced the December Meeting Notes w/ Party Notes, which featured the photos fm the Christmas Party. [Many thanks to the club photographers!]

      Because the Meeting Notes are going away, the December Tico Byte will take on that duty and become the Party Byte in December this year & following years. What do you think about this change?

  12. Potential Topics

    1. ([Who will pick this up?]) Smart phone topic

    2. (Dick) Operating system on a memory stick

    3. (Dick) Privacy on the internet (It's like privacy on a party line.)

    4. (Sid) Presentation from Apple rep (or knowledgeable user)

    5. (Dick) Revisiting the Member Forum (where your login is normally the same as logging into the club website).

    6. Helen will ask for more potential topics and presenters: Tell us what you want to hear about.

'Hope to see you at the meeting,

Dick Sandlin


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