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Tico Byte for July, 2018

Hello, PC Club members,

The 3rd Saturday is coming up again this weekend.  The PC Club meeting will be on July 21st this month, at the Pan American School in Belen starting at 9 AM.  We will be meeting in our normal room in the bottom floor of the Yellow Building, all the way to the back.  (Signs will be posted.) Coffee, snacks, & conversation will be available, as always, at 8:30.  Bring anything computer-related that you have questions about or anything you would like to share with the group.

  1. Dick will open the meeting & preside over club business. And he will welcome back Kim & Les! Les recently had astigmatism surgery & Kim gave him TLC through the process. (At least he got some cool sunglasses out of the deal.)

  2. Kim will welcome guests & new members.

  3. Kim's Treasurer's report:  $1958.50 in the treasury with 27 paid memberships for 2018 & 1 for 2019. [Ed. Note: This link is open to logged-in club members only.]

    Dues remain $30/year/family. (New members' dues are prorated to remaining months in their 1st year.)

  4. Dick will moderate the microphone going around the room to hear your news & questions. The meeting will be recorded, so please use the microphone & say your name.

    Suggestions: Tell us what topics you’d like to see. Mention what you spent most of your time on this month. (3 or 4 minutes/person)

  5. Break (15 min)
  6. Topics of interest

    1. Melaney Phillips will talk to us about the new Amazon TV Fire Stick. (thanks, Helen)

    2. Juan will talk about Pushbullet, a new tool for managing photos btwn phones & desktops.

    3. Helen will tell us about the site.

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      5. Help:
    4. Dick will mention a few improvements to the Macs page. [Ed. Note: This link is open to logged-in club members only.]

  7. Potential Topics
  1. (Ongoing) Smart phone topics

  2. (Sid) Presentation from Apple rep (or knowledgeable user)

  3. (Dick) Revisiting the Member Forum (where your login is the same as logging into the club website)

  4. Helen will ask for more potential topics & presenters: Tell us what you want to hear about.

'Hope to see you at the meeting,

Dick Sandlin


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