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Tico Byte for November, 2018

Hello, PC Club members,

The 3rd Saturday is coming up again this weekend.  The PC Club meeting will be on November 17th this month, at the Pan American School in Belen starting at 9 AM.  We will be meeting in our normal room in the bottom floor of the Yellow Building, all the way to the back.  Coffee, snacks, & conversation will be available, as always, at 8:30.  Bring anything computer-related that you have questions about or anything you would like to share with the group.

  1. Dick will open the meeting & welcome everyone.

  2. Kim will welcome guests & new members.

  3. Kim's Treasurer's report:  $1526.24 in the treasury with 28 paid memberships for 2018 & 7 for 2019. [Ed. Note: This link is open to logged-in club members only.]

    Dues remain $30/year/family. (New members' dues are prorated to remaining months in their 1st year.) Our annual membership drive continues through January. Dues remain $30 or ₡18,000/year/family.

    (New members' dues are prorated to remaining months in their 1st year.)

  4. Dick will preside over club business.

    • An election was held in October for half of the Club Board, per the club Bylaws. The results were:
      • Program Chair - Helen Frame
      • Member-at-Large - Ken Booth
      • Webmaster - Dick Sandlin

    • Christmas Party planning: Dec 1st, 12-3 PM, at Joan & Lenny’s. We are very grateful to them for providing this wonderful venue again.

      As usual, we need everyone to bring a side dish or dessert. Additional beverages, such as wine, are welcome. Guests will be an additional $5 or ₡2,500 to be paid at the door.

      Anyone who wishes to participate in the White Elephant gift exchange must bring a wrapped gift. Gifts can be serious or funny, new or used. The $10 range is suggested for new gifts.

      Please contact Party Chairman Kim, at to let her know if you plan to attend, if you will have guests - how many, & what dish you will bring.

      Since no one has agreed to cook a turkey so far, we may not have one this year. If you would like to cook 1, you would be reimbursed for the cost of the turkey & trimmings. Helen has suggested that we might get a spiral cut ham at Price Smart instead. It's easy to warm up & ham is also a Christmas tradition. PS also sells BBQ ribs; we could buy several portions & cut them up.

      Food items for the xmas party must be cooked at home, only reheating will be available on site.

      Photography is encouraged for the Christmas Party. Pictures emailed to Dick will be included in the Meeting Notes for December.

    • Martha will tell us how her standing in for Dick went at the ARCR Seminar last month.

  5. Break

  6. Video: How to change the battery in a Nexus 6P. (It's amazing how difficult & dangerous this is.)

  7. iPhone battery replacement, don't even think about doing it yourself.

  8. What about replacing an iPad battery?

  9. You can save about $50 by replacing your iPad battery yourself, but if you break it Apple won't help you.

'Hope to see you at the meeting,

Dick Sandlin


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