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Use DropEvent to Attach Photos

by Helen Dunn Frame

Have you tried to send photos that were too large to attach to an email? You probably have had to use dropbox.com or Gmail has sent it by Google Drive. DropEvent is another way to share photos. Only four extensions work: jpg, jpeg, gif, and png. The home page is at https://dropevent.com.

Two of our PC Club members recently traveled to another country with several other people. Everyone who participated wanted to share his or her photos. One of the travelers set up a 30-day event on dropevent that provides unlimited storage of photos with high resolution, which made it easy for everyone to share. The travelers can copy and download any of the photos in the file.

To demonstrate how it works, I set up a 30-day event on October 10 using photos of the Wetompka Widow book cover and the reformatted Greek Ghosts cover originally published in 2003; on Kindle in 2011. The cover for the recently published Wetumpka Widow, the second in the series, is very different from the original book. As a result, I felt the two covers should look similar. I was able to put captions under each of my photos.

You have three choices to use Drop Event. You can choose the 30-day free event that comes with ads; the $10 a month or $25 a month, both of which offer more bells and whistles without ads.

First, you name your event. My current one is Demonstration. I supply the link to everyone I want to access the event with no password needed. The site named it "with34552". You can search the event on the website by putting in "with34552". People email photos by copying and pasting this link: https://dropevent.com/gallery/with34552 The person who set up the event will receive an email notice of the addition. If you want to create an event, go to http://dropevent.com/create.

If you have a question or comment about anything on this page, send it to the club president.

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