Microsoft® Windows™ Operating System

The Microsoft® (MS) Windows™ Operating System (OS) is currently the most popular OS in use in the world (except servers running Linux). It's been through many incarnations and the logos for many of them are shown above. Since many of our members still use some of the older versions, you'll find information about these legacy systems here, as well as the current versions.

Most of the versions listed below began with previews. It's important to remember that software is nothing like the movies. A software preview isn't a clip from the final product; it's a cobbled together approximation of what the new software will eventually look like. It won't have all the new features because they're still writing and testing them. Some operations may be jerky or slow and you might have to use your imagination to make them perfect like they'll be in the final version.

Windows Versions

Windows 10

Bill Gates

Windows 8.1

Windows 8

Windows 7

Windows Vista

This one is actually for Vista and XP. A Special Report from Windows Accelerator gives you hints and tips about how to speed up your Windows machine. The pdf is 1.8 Mb, so be patient; it will take a minute to download.

Windows XP

Microsoft has dropped support (including updates) for Windows XP, effective April 8, 2014. Should you continue using it? Dick Sandlin has offered his opinion.

Chuck Jennings wrote this great series of articles about Windows XP:

Windows Tools

If you have a question or comment about Windows, send it to the club president.

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