Tico Byte, July 12, 2005


Good morning club members. I hope you are enjoying the rain. The next meeting of the PC Club of Costa Rica is this Saturday, July 16 at 8:30 at the Pan American School in Belen. Come and bring a friend, as this meeting will focus on programs that are both useful and fun.


Now on with the Tico Byte:


Item 1: Windows security.


So that you have an idea about what service pack 2 has done for the security of Windows XP, here is an article telling what Microsoft thinks about it.


“Windows XP SP2 has one-half the number of critical vulnerabilities compared with XP, XP SP1 and Windows 2000 Professional in the first nine months since XP SP2's release in August 2004, according to data presented by Nash.”


Full article here: http://www.vnunet.com/vnunet/news/2139585/microsoft-windows-linux-secure


Item 2: Question: What is “metasearch”?


Answer: Searching across several search engines simultaneously.


There are many out there. And you may find them useful. Some people swear by them. Try these and see if you like them:










And then see what this site from UC Berkeley can tell us about metasearching:




Or maybe you want to go to this extent:




Or just use this super-searcher:




Item 3: Is it legal to use someone's Wi-Fi connection to browse the Web if they haven't put a password on it?

Nobody really knows. "It's a totally open question in the law," says Neal Katyal, a professor of criminal law at Georgetown University. "There are arguments on both sides."


Read the whole article: http://news.com.com/FAQ+Wi-Fi+mooching+and+the+law/2100-7351_3-5778822.html?tag=st.pop


Item 4: IBM teams up for broadband over power line




Item 5: School swaps textbooks for laptops




Item 6: Shaky hands? Mouse adapter promises relief


A small British company is selling a mouse adapter, developed by IBM, that compensates for trembling hands and could help 3 million people in the United Kingdom and many more worldwide.


Complete story here: http://news.com.com/Shaky+hands+Mouse+adapter+promises+relief/2100-1041_3-5617830.html?tag=nefd.ac


Item 7: You've made a great video. Now who will watch it?


Google is interested. They would like you to upload your video.


Story here: https://upload.video.google.com/


Item 8: At the next meeting:


You will learn about “Dogwaffle”

Learn how to put your pictures up on you own free site (what do you mean you didn't know you had a site?)

See the neat things Ken Booth is doing for you

Talk about Internet connections

And a hundred other things


So see you there.