Tico Byte

19 April 2006


Dear members,


This Saturday, April 22, 2006, is the next meeting of the PC Club of Costa Rica, the most participated club in the country. We will meet at the usual place, the Pan American School, in San Antonio de Belen, at 8:30am. Come and learn what's new in computing, how to do gmail like a champ and get your computer questions answered. Bring a neighbor.


And now, ... on with the Tico Byte:


Item 1: Know about getting a website found on search engines

Search engine optimization, known far and wide as SEO, is an important factor in the success of websites small and large. No matter how popular you think your site is, it's vital that you and your team put some thought and energy into optimizing your search engine rankings and your visibility within search results. But where to begin?


Full article: http://www.webmonkey.com/06/16/index3a.html


Item 2: New used computer store

I went over to the new used computer store, called "Second Call", across from McDonald's in Escazu the other day to see what they had. I was pleasantly impressed. I always like to see that things get better in Costa Rica, and I think this is an example.


Compaq EVO, Pentium 4, 1.7 GHz for $298 is the first one on their list. CPU only, remember. HP EPC, Pentium 3, 933 MHz is the next offering for $189. Laptops from $589, used, to new ones at about $1100. They taught a 2 month guarantee, with guarantees extendible to 2 years. They offer laptop and desktop repair service. The used equipment is all refurbished.


They offer telephone adapters to use Skype on regular telephones with your PC. US Robotic routers at $49. 80Gig hard drives at $89. And some impressive-looking printers of the latest technologies. They have some generic ink cartridges.


I have no experience with these guys but am impressed that someone is adding something new to our options for computer hardware. So, ... check them out, if you are looking for used (or new) computer hardware.


Item 3: Error messages in WinXP and the "rebuild" command

"Have you ever run into a "Missing HAL.DLL," "Invalid Boot.Ini," or "Windows could not start..." message?


It usually takes a lot to stop XP in its tracks. But sometimes, especially after major hardware failures or part swaps (e.g. moving the OS to a new hard drive), or after problems with dual- or multi-booting software, you may encounter seemingly-intractable errors such as those."


Fred Langa tells about it in his current issue: http://langa.com/newsletters/2006/2006-04-17.htm


Item 4: Tips for beginners (that's all of us, at times)

What follows is a collection of beginner tips, as well as selected Annoyances.org topics, appropriate for beginning Windows users.


    * Right-click on everything. You can't really do any damage with the right mouse button in Windows, because it's designed only to show a context menu (a list of options appropriate for the selected object). One of the options is usually Properties, which gives you access to lots of settings and information.


Whole article: http://www.annoyances.org/exec/show/beginner


Item 4: From Ed Reames comes a list of freeware

Best Freeware Guide


I'll post this list of the best freeware that will be constantly updated and have things added to it. This first time around will just be the basics without too much in-depth detail. Please leave comments, I've worked on this for the last 2 hours, so anything will be appreciated. Please click title to read the full post, I'm having some troubles with the Full Post tags and all these views are slowing it down.


Found at: http://seetips.blogspot.com/2006/04/best-freeware-guide.html


Item 5: Plus this review on "101 Fabulous Freebies"




Item 6: From Roy on Disabling services and speeding up your computer

You probably have heard of people telling you that you can speed up your computer by stopping unwanted services. But when you look at the list of services running, you are unsure of what to shut down and what not to. Here's a small guide to help you choose what to shutdown in a list of common processes/services.


(Note: Mitch advices leaving the network settings alone.)


URL: http://qwertymaniac.wordpress.com/tag/tweaks-and-tricks/


Item 6: Learn all about gmail and get your questions answered


Found at: PC Club, Pan-American School, this Saturday, at 8:30am.


Hope to see you there,