Tico Byte

October, 2006


Good morning PC Clubbers,


Remember that your monthly meeting for October will be held at the Panamerican School in Belen this Saturday, Oct. 21, at 8:30am. Come get your donut fix, meet with friends and learn about what's new in computing. This time we will have education about online banking browsers, the outlook on Vista and Sun Java. There will be demonstrations about Youtube and running VMWare on your Windows machine as well as discussion to answer your questions about buying a computer now, just before Vista comes out. For Ubuntuers we will have more discussion on how things are progressing. There will also be planning for the Christmas party and elections of officers for the next term. So come and bring a friend. There's a lot to talk about.


Now on with the Byte.


Item 1: They are expecting a ... what?


The countdown for the release of Windows Vista keeps ticking, and the expectations—from outward appearances—seem to be growing. The signs are that Microsoft and Vista very early adopters expect some kind of community groundswell to take place around the launch and maybe even before. But based on reader reaction, the event planners should be able to take the day off.



Item 2: If you have to fax ... try this from Fred Langa.


Another approach might be to abandon dial-up altogether. A very large number

of services have emerged in recent years that let you send and receive faxes

via e-mail or from a Web site. This is a great way to go for most people

because faxes don't hog the phone line and are much quicker to send. Some are

designed for small businesses and small fax jobs, while others are optimized

for mass-faxing and other heavy duty faxing needs.


Many of these offer additional phone services, such as sending your voice-mail

as e-mail and instant routing of calls to the phone of your choice (for

example, from your cell phone to your landline phone). Some don't require any

software installation.


If you choose e-mail- or online-based faxing, you'll have to find the service

that fits your needs and budget. Here's a starter list to get you going on

your search:


eFax - http://www.efax.com

Faxaway - http://www.faxaway.com/

MaxEmail - http://maxemail.com/

MyFax - http://www.myfax.com/

RapidFax - http://rapidfax.com

Google Search: http://www.google.com/search?&q=web+fax+online


Item 3: Linux Internet Cafe Software Allows Multiple Users to Share Single Desktop


Omni Technology Solutions Inc. and its preferred partner in the UK, Blueloop, have partnered to deliver LinuxWorld London's Internet cafe. The Internet cafe will consist of 12 independent Linux workstations running on two Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz desktops with 2 GB of RAM. The Linux Desktop Multiplier software, powered by Userful, has been used to provide low-cost, high-performance Internet cafes at other major technology conferences including GWAVACon, GroupWise European Summit and BrainStormer UK.


"By eliminating nine out of every 10 physical PCs, the Linux Desktop Multiplier enables trade show organisers, school districts and governments to drive more value out of their fixed budgets," says Trevor Poapst, Director of Global Marketing for Omni. "The Linux Desktop Multiplier's '10-for-1' value proposition is ideal for Linux-based computer labs, Internet cafes, retail POS terminals and call centres."



Item 4: Buy Vista once ... no transfers.


 Under changes to Microsoft's licensing terms, buyers of retail copies of Vista will be able to transfer their software to a new machine only once. If they want to move their software a second time, they will have to buy a new copy of the operating system.


In the past, those who bought a retail copy of Windows needed to uninstall it from any machine before moving it to another machine, but there was no limit to how many times this could be done.



Item 5: Fujitsu To Offer Flash-Disk Option With Laptops


(We will talk about a spin-off of this that can make your life better if you run more than one computer and/or more than one operating system at the next meeting.)

Fujitsu will soon join two other major PC makers in putting on sale a portable computer that uses flash memory in place of the traditional hard-disk drive.


The company will offer a 16G-byte or 32G-byte flash memory disk as an option with new B-series machines due on sale in Japan late October and new Q-series machines that will be available from early November, it said today. Choosing the 16G-byte disk will add $670 to the price of the computer while the 32G-byte disk will add $1,335.



Item 6: Finger print security??


Lenovo Offer Fingerprint Security With Notebooks

Lenovo on Monday launched ThinkPad notebooks that work in conjunction with a fingerprint reader to encrypt information on a hard drive.



Item 7: Run your Windows computer completely safe on the Internet


At the next meeting, Ken Booth will show you how.


See you there.