Tico Byte for March, 2007


Hello, club members,


Our next regular club meeting will be next Saturday, March17th at the Pan American School in Belen at 8:30am. It should be a really great meeting as we will have Alfonso Perez, the owner of PC Doctor showing and demonstrating his Macintosh products and well as the newest Palm Treo. These items are the latest in technology and you will be able to see and ask questions about these things. As there is growing interest in the Apple computer products, this is a good chance to see what may be in your future. We will also have a presentation by Bill Vorih on how he is able to copy media files on DVD. Ed Reames will discuss how to use RSS feeds as well as give a talk about video file types. This is in conjunction with how to use that new thumb drive you just bought. Come and learn how to get the most from that thumb drive and use it correctly. There will be lots of chatter about lots of other computing issues; such as starting a Mac group of users. Helen Frame will bring her laptop for installation of Ubuntu during the final hour of the meeting.


It should be an informative and full meeting. Come share your computing experiences with your friends and learn all you can about what's going on in your digital world.


Now on with the Byte.


Item 1. Look for camera prices to plummet

Popular digital SLR cameras from Canon and Nikon generally set you back around $1,000. But discounters will likely drive that down to $299 by year's end, says Chris Chute, an analyst at researcher IDC. That's just a tad higher than most people pay now for compact point-and-shoots. "This will dramatically reshape the digital camera market," Chute says. "It will give consumers a reason to jump into features they've always wanted, but didn't know they could get."


Story here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/usatoday/20070312/tc_usatoday/goingdowngetsetforgreatcameradeals;_ylt=AhEuVVhX5PvmwQziY7HTL_mSxLEF


Item 2.  Defragging page files in Windows

If you are a little 'techie' and want to improve your swap memory, Fred Langa tells you how:

Hi Fred, Just a quick question about the Windows XP paging file which you wrote about recently. In Windows 9X a useful trick with swap file was to make the minimum and maximum equal so that Windows did not waste time enlarging and shrinking it. This was said to give a small improvement in efficiency. Is there any merit in doing the same thing with the XP paging file? Regards, Peter

Story here: http://langa.com/newsletters/2006/2006-11-02.htm


Item 3. Ahhh the French

Even they are getting into the act.

Last November it was announced that the French Parliament had decided to switch to Linux. At that time the distro had not been determined. It will be Ubuntu: "Two companies, Linagora and Unilog, have been selected to provide the members of the Parliament as well as their assistants new computers containing free software. This will amount to 1,154 new computers running Ubuntu prior to the start of the next session which occurs in June 2007."


Item 4. Backups spanning more than one DVD

Again Fred Langa talks about this topic:

Fred, I've tried backing up to DVDs but the programs seem to stop after backing up to one DVD. In the old DOS days, the back up programs would continuously backup to 3.5" disk until the backup was complete. Are there any programs that will continuously backup to DVDs instead of backing up to hard drives? Thanks,


Story here: http://langa.com/newsletters/2006/2006-11-02.htm


Item 5. Converting files

We will talk about this at the next meeting, but you might take a look at this site that I found to work very well. It will solve the problem between native programs in Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. It's pretty neat; and it's free.



Item 6. Can Firefox out surf Safari?

For a person familiar with Apple's Safari browser, using the platform-agnostic Firefox can be a somewhat clunky experience. Rendering times and stability were acceptable, and it's nice to have support from a worldwide committee of developers, but it just doesn't have that fluid feeling of a well-designed Mac application.

Story here: http://www.technewsworld.com/story/jCqG7ENbn5RjXO/Can-Firefox-Out-Surf-Safari-on-the-Mac.xhtml


Item 7. Open platforms

Perhaps the bright ones among us can talk about this sometime.

Amazon's cloud is one of many new low-cost collaborative infrastructures -- such as free Internet telephony, open source Latest News about open source software and global outsourcing Latest News about Outsourcing -- that allow individuals and small producers to harness world-class capabilities, access markets, and serve customers in ways that only large corporations could in the past.



All in all, come to the meeting and learn and share.