Tico Byte February, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day, BTW. Give a hug to somebody on Thursday, will ya.

The next meeting of the PC Club of Costa Rica is this coming Saturday, Feb. 16th. The meeting will begin at 9am, but please feel free to come early to chat with others. The coffee will be ready, as well as the donuts and the friendly atmosphere.

On to the articles:

Item 1: Is Microsoft Office adware?

Is Microsoft Office adware? Wikipedia defines adware as "any software package which automatically plays, displays, or downloads advertising material to a computer after the software is installed on it or while the application is being used."

In Microsoft Office Professional 2003's help, a search for "APA" (a popular documentation style) brings up two links labeled Microsoft Office Marketplace.

Complete story: http://www.oooninja.com/2008/02/is-microsoft-office-adware.html


Item 2: Are you ready for new technology this year - Flixwagon

Flixwagon is a mobile phone and web application that allows users to broadcast and share live videos from their mobile phones to the internet. Using our web service, viewers can search, view, and share live broadcasts and stored videos in almost any category including sports, travel, news, personal, etc. Broadcasters can manage their stored videos, share them with others, and much more. With Flixwagon, you can broadcast your life...LIVE!

Flixwagon allows you to broadcast your life...LIVE! With Flixwagon you can capture the latest happenings wherever you are, and share it instantaneously with whomever you choose! You can also check out other people's live and stored videos on Flixwagon.com.

Read more about it here: http://www.flixwagon.com/help/index#a1


Item 3: Food ordering (oh my god!)

Will mobile food ordering become the newest way that we use our mobile devices? If mobile food ordering works, it could be a huge time saver. Instead of waiting in line to order and hoping that the clerk gets your order right, you just zap it over to the establishment using your mobile and then pick up your order when you arrive. For those on lunch breaks that are timed, this could be a way to get back precious minutes. We've also seen national pizza chains Pizza Hut and Papa John's enter the mobile order space in the last month.

GoMobo CEO Noah Glass told me that some believe that remote ordering could total 25% in the next ten years. GoMobo has been featured on shows including Good Morning America and listed in the Wall Street Journal. They are currently operating in NYC but have plans to expand to the major cities on the east coast this year. Their technology is what makes them different - it works on a "Go Time" method - when you place your order they can tell where you are and when to send the order to the location so that it's hot and ready for you when you arrive. They are also working on some new technologies which Glass asked me not to write about yet.



Item 4: Phase change memory (wow!)

Intel Corporation and STMicroelectronics reached a key industry milestone today as they began shipping prototype samples of a future product using a new, innovative memory technology called Phase Change Memory (PCM). The prototypes are the first functional silicon to be delivered to customers for evaluation, bringing the technology one step closer to adoption. The memory device, codenamed "Alverstone" uses PCM, a promising new memory technology providing very fast read and write speeds at lower power than conventional flash, and allows for bit alterability normally seen in RAM. PCM has long been a topic of discussion for research and development, and with "Alverstone," Intel and STMicroelectronics are helping to move the technology into the marketplace. "This is the most significant non-volatile memory advancement in 40 years,"


Item 5: Social networking going global

About 80% of the world's estimated 1.2 billion Internet users are outside the USA, according to Computer Industry Almanac. Half the $40 billion online advertising market is non-U.S., says eMarketer. "It's a land grab, as well as a form of insurance in case the U.S. market proves itself to be fickle," says Marissa Gluck, an analyst at Radar Research. "When you look at Internet use globally, the U.S. is a small but significant chunk. It's also beginning to plateau in terms of growth."


Item 6: Computer gaming used for rehabilitation

Some call it "Wiihabilitation." Nintendo's Wii video game system, whose popularity already extends beyond the teen gaming set, is fast becoming a craze in rehab therapy for patients recovering from strokes, broken bones, surgery and even combat injuries. The usual stretching and lifting exercises that help the sick or injured regain strength can be painful, repetitive and downright boring. In fact, many patients say PT physical therapy's nickname really stands for "pain and torture," said James Osborn, who oversees rehabilitation services at Herrin Hospital in southern Illinois. Using the game console's unique, motion-sensitive controller, Wii games require body movements similar to traditional therapy exercises. But patients become so engrossed mentally they're almost oblivious to the rigor, Osborn said.


Item 7: Crimeware, lieware and snookies

11 Malware threats to watch out for this year!



Item 8: Greatest group in the whole world

Come to the meeting on Saturday and share information with your neighbors and friends. Remember, come early (although the meeting starts at 9, coffee and donuts starts at 8:30; and bring your hardware and software questions). It ought to be lots of fun.