Tico Byte

June, 2008

Good morning members.

The next meeting of the PC Club of Costa Rica will be held this coming Saturday, June 21st.  We will meet, as usual, at the Pan American School in Belen, at 9am.  However, do come early (8:30am) in order to socialize with your friends and sample the coffee and donuts.  There will be lots to do this month, with emphasis on solving whatever problems you members have and reports on new technology and software.  So, bring your laptop (if you have one) and join in.

Now, on with the newsletter:

Item 1: Video explaining the social web
Joe Kraus, Google director of product management, gave a brief talk about the social Web at the
Supernova 2008 conference without a single mention of Google's own social-networking service, Orkut. However, he did focus on Google's Friend Connect service, which lets Web developers add social features to their sites. Webware chief Rafe Needleman did a thorough job of covering Kraus' remarks, and below is a video of his presentation.


Item 2: Bye bye, XP
As of June 30, large PC makers will
no longer be able to sell Windows XP-based PCs, at least on mainstream notebooks and desktops. Retailers will also have only until their current supply is exhausted to sell boxed copies of the operating system.




Item 3: Your browser and your memorySo how much memory do modern web browsers consume when pushed hard? This was the question prompted by my Firefox 3.0 a memory hog? post yesterday.

So how do the browsers stack up against each other? http://blogs.zdnet.com/hardware/?p=2024


Item 4: Why you should download and use Firefox 3 Firefox 3 ó available for download at 10am PDT Tuesday ó is the culmination of a two-year quest to build the best browser ever. And while itís not perfect, it comes pretty close.

The open-source web browser is the fastest and most secure version of Firefox yet. Significant improvements have been made to the way it uses your computerís resources, so the memory leaks and other performance problems found in Firefox 2 have been stamped out. Text and image rendering have also been improved, and the underlying code for Gecko, the engine that draws the actual web pages on the screen, has been updated. There are also heaps of useful features that have been added for both power users and newcomers alike.



Item 5: Missing Bill Gates

Bill Gates, we'll miss you. Not just because you're the ultimate geek-villain-pioneer-entrepreneur-monopolist. But because you've always been there for us. To love. To hate. To envy. To pick on. So this month, your last as a full-time Microsoft employee, we realized it was only right and proper to look back on your storied career. (Or we just love your mug shot from the Albuquerque arrest.)





Item 6: Come and smell the coffee. Drink coffee to send a wake-up call to the brain? Or just smell its rich, warm aroma? An international group of scientists is reporting some of the first evidence that simply inhaling coffee aroma alters the activity of genes in the brain.



Item 7: And eat the donuts

Saturday, 9am, Pan American School, Belen. See you there.